Out There Chronicles: An Interactive Graphic Novel – Out Now

The gorgeous yet mysterious Out There Chronicles [$2.99] has now been released worldwide by Mi-Clos Studio. It is based on the original spaced-themed Out There title which built upon the player’s loneliness and survival instinct. Unlike its predecessor, Out There Chronicles is a graphic novel that brings a more immersive experience and takes place a million years prior to the events that took place in Out There.

After a million years of slumber, you wake up on a planet called America that was colonized by humans who fled from Earth. Then, you head out into space to look for other surviving humans and in your quest, you discover aliens beings and unique locations. The story will answer some of the questions that the players of Out There may have had, but some mysteries will remain still unknown.

Your adventure will prove that friendships can be forged, yet trouble is not far behind. Like Out There, you will discover alien cultures and can learn their languages too. The beauty behind the Out There franchise is the incredible science fiction and the way it’s being gradually presented to the player. Since it is a graphic novel this time, it will be a much better experience, especially that the talented artist Benjamin Carre is the lead illustrator and Siddhartha Barnhoorn is the music composer.

Out There Chronicles will include complex decision-making which affects how the game unfolds – much like the Telltale titles. The game is currently out for iOS and Android. If you are interested in this game then stay tuned with our website for the latest news. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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