Pokemon GO – Ways To Save Your Phone Battery

One main problem that we have seen Pokemon GO players complain about is battery drainage. The game requires internet connection or data to connect online; GPS usage to navigate Pokemon locations; and the fact that you need to leave the app running as you walk in the outer world to catch Pokemon. This article will focus on providing you some tips on how to save your battery. You can rest assured that Niantic is aware of the problem and is working on a solution for it.

The first solution is to tap on the Main Menu and then head to Settings. There you will see the option to enable Battery Saver, give it a check and it should help boost your battery life. This will turn of the your display but will keep Pokemon GO running in the background. Then there are obvious solutions such as turning the sound off, reducing brightness, and shutting down any other apps running in the background.

Of course there is another costly option which is to buy the $34.99 priced Pokemon GO Plus. Its job is to inform you of nearby Pokemon by vibrating and glowing. This will allow you to turn off Pokemon GO app since the accessory will help you to find and catch Pokemon. Pokemon GO Plus will be released in late July so you can definitely consider it if it interests you. Furthermore, to celebrate the release of Pokemon GO, our network is offering three Pokemon GO Plus accessories to three lucky winners; you can participate in this Giveaway by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – Ways To Save Your Phone Battery

    • Actually it includes all 3 of the giveaways offered. It is not only for gift cards, but we ask a question ”Which type of Gift Card do you prefer?” so we know what the winners will be getting if they do get selected for the gift cards. However, if your number gets selected for the Pokemon GO Plus prizes, then you will get the GO Plus.


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