Pokemon GO – The Theory Surrounding The Legendary Birds

The best legendary trio in the Pokemon franchise were Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. They were classic, powerful and good-looking. Luckily, these legends are in Pokemon GO and in fact, there is a strange theory regarding how to catch them. Let’s propose the theory first and then provide some evidence for it. The theory proposes that if you want to catch an Articuno, you must join Team Blue; if you want to catch a Moltres, you must join Team Red; and if you want to catch a Zapdos, you must join Team Yellow.

Sounds a bit strange right? Well, Niantic has chosen each of these legendary Pokemon to represent each team and that is a fact. However, we also know that you won’t just run into a legendary in your backyard. Legendary Pokemon will be encountered in specific events; most likely such an event will be available in all countries. Based on our theory, there will be an event for Team Blue where they can encounter an Articuno; an event for Team Red where they can encounter a Moltres; and an event for Team Yellow where they can encounter a Zapdos.

Now, this may or may not be the case, however, this is the strongest theory on Pokemon GO‘s legendary trio. If we do get more information about them, we will update you, of course. Before we leave you to continue your Pokemon adventure, please vote below on which of the three legendary birds is your favorite.

21 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – The Theory Surrounding The Legendary Birds

  1. Moltres popped a monster nearby. I exited the app to match up the shape with moltres online and it was. Went back into the game and it crashed. 😦


  2. Actually, I’m Team Mystic (blue) and 100% Moltres popped up nearby me. Couldn’t manage to find it and get it though, unfortunately, but definitely saw it.


  3. Seen a zapdos on my radar couldn’t find it but it’s pretty Impossible to mistake it for anything else and with that being said I’m on the red team


  4. I found a zapdos but I couldn’t catch it because it was in some random persons backyard. I started the game two days ago and I wasn’t even level five at the time I found it.


  5. I thought I seen a moltres the other day, turned out to be a ghastly, wld need proof before I believe anyone’s theories on seeing them, as one person would at least have to be lucky enough to catch one…


    • I was right on it with no footsteps and it wouldn’t pop up then it just disappeared so I think niantic is trolling a bunch of people right now


  6. Well ill go ahead and be the first to debunk going to your backyard and not getting a legendary. As of July 10, 2016 (between the hours of 6 and 9pm) I saw some pokemon go advertisement and it got me in the mood to “GO”. As soon as i start up my app on my PORCH I saw Moltres grayed out, true enough not literally in my back yard but i found him down the street less than a quarter mile. During this time i was a lvl 2 and had no idea what it was. After locating him ( it pains my very soul and nerd card) I decided to go back to the house and get my bros to nerd out together and could no longer locate him. In case you’re wondering why I didn’t catch him the first time i saw him there are two reasons; 1, I truly didn’t know how to catch him and was in a unfriendly neighbors yard, 2, Didn’t know u could just click the damn thing and it would enact the capturing process. Hopefully this will help peeps out while playing and help theories out further along


  7. I saw a moltres on my radar today with 0 footprints and a I sat there for a second so it could load and then it just vanished from my radar and I have no clue what happened and yes I’m sure it was a moltres grayed out and I was freaking out at the same time so I don’t know if the game is just teasing us or what (ps I’m on team blue)


  8. Was tripping over a Moltres shadow I saw quite a few times in my radar when I started the game. Was so depressed to find out it’s a Gastly


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