Pokemon GO – Problems & Solutions

Has Pokemon GO lived up to its hype? Perhaps this is a question that we should address in an upcoming article but with all the bugs and problems that players are experiencing, it certainly makes the case harder for Pokemon GO. In this article, instead of catching bugs, we are going to offer solutions. As big fans of the franchise, we were disappointed by a great amount of problems and hundreds of our readers have been sending us complaints about a myriad of issues that they have been experiencing.

Keep in mind that this page will be updated if any more problems come up or any more solutions are found. If you do come by a problem that was not mentioned on this page then post your problem in details in the comments below. All problems posted will be compiled, sent to Niantic, and addressed on this page once a solution is found. Finally, you can check the main problems that we addressed below.

Problem 1 – ”GPS Signal Not Found”

This problem has been very common on Android devices and somewhat on iOS. This is a bug that can be fixed by Niantic but it is also related to your internet data & device settings. We noticed that several tricks fix this issue but they don’t apply for everyone. On Android, you can go to Settings/Location and enable High Accuracy Mode. Another option for Android devices is to access Developer Options and enable ”Allow mock locations” which should fix it. Furthermore, what seemed to affect both, iOS & Android, is the low strength & speed of the internet data. The problem seemed to go when we attempted to connect to a stronger and faster internet data service. If these tricks didn’t work then it’s best to wait for a fix from Niantic which can address this issue.

Problem 2 – GPS Problems: My Location is inaccurate, unavailable, or jitters

The GPS issue is related to your device & internet signal but Niantic can improve GPS accuracy in a future update. You can improve your location’s accuracy by enabling location permission for Pokemon GO, connecting to a better internet data service, enabling device location, and setting Location to High Accuracy Mode.

Problem 3 – ”Unable To Authenticate”

This error occurs for some users when tehy try to login into their Pokemon Trainer Club account. The problem is mainly due to server overload and it has nothing to do with your device or internet. If the problem continues, then it is recommended to login with a Google account to avoid any future inconvenience.

Problem 4 – Pokemon Trainer Club Account Resetting To Level 1

This has been a major issue with players that have created an account with Google and another with Pokemon Trainer Club. In order to solve this problem, go to Pokemon GO settings, and sign out from your account. Then login with the account you created first and don’t sign in with any other account.

Problem 5 – Unable To Download Pokemon GO

Android users have been experiencing this issue the most. For many of you, the game is available in your region yet it says that your device is incompatible. If you see the game on your store and you cannot download the game, then you are able to download it by getting the APK file which you can read about by clicking here. The game is compatible with Android 4.4 and above so you may need to update your firmware. For iOS users, Pokemon GO is compatible with iPhone 5 and above and iOS 8 and later versions. The game will not work on an iPad that runs on Wi-Fi only because it needs internet data so that you can go outside and find Pokemon creatures. The game may also not work on Jailbroken iOS devices so you might need to keep this in mind.

Problem 6 – Distorted Audio

If you have noticed that the Pokemon GO music or sounds are distorted or jittery, then this is a problem that the developers are aware of and working on. A possible solution is to remove any Bluetooth audio devices if you have them connected. The problem will be fixed soon by Niantic so be patient.

Problem 7 – Battery Drainage

This is actually a main problem for all Pokemon GO players and we have addressed the issue in a different article. Click here to be redirected to the page where you can find multiple solutions on solving this issue.

Problem 8 – ”You Already Own This Item”

As far as we know, this problem has been affection Android users only. The error appears when your device loses internet connectivity while purchasing PokeCoins from the shop. To solve this issue, restart your device and then enter Pokemon GO.

Problem 9 – ”This Item Is Not Available In Your Country”

Another common android error message which appears when you attempt to download the game from a country which Pokemon GO is available in. To solve this issue, try to check your Google Wallet settings and confirm that your personal information and and address are correctly registered. If the problem persists, then try contacting Google Play’s support team.

Problem 10 – AR Mode/Camera Not Showing Pokemon

For many of you, when you toggle on AR Mode or the Camera, the Pokemon is no longer visible. You try to turn around to search for it but you still can’t find it. This totally removes the augmented reality experience that Pokemon GO has promised to deliver. So what’s the solution? For now, you can play by turning off the camera (AR) mode to see the Pokemon. This problem seems to affect older devices that lack Gyroscope more often but there are records of it affecting new devices as well. Some people reported new devices like the iPhone 6S for this problem and such devices might have a faulty Gyroscope. This problem may be fixed with an update from Niantic, so it is not entirely your device’s fault. Some who did experience this problem reported that by restarting the device the issue was solved. However, it does not work for everyone. Note that not everyone affected by it lacks a Gyroscope, this can be a compatibility issue and Niantic will have to address this in a future update to render the game compatible with your device.

14 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – Problems & Solutions

  1. I’ve encountered a problem with pokedex.Once i’ve tapped on one pokemon, it’ll just show the same one even when i tapped on other pokemon after, and the information of the pokemon is displayed vertically


  2. I live in an area where nothing for pokemon go is. And I can’t easily go and find places like pokestops and gyms because I am not old enough to drive on my own. I love the game but I have no more balls to catch pokemon since I can’t earn coins. I don’t want to spend money. What should I do?


  3. hello guy. im live in Cambodia. i did download the pokemon go on my phone but when i play it dont show me anything what can i do for this problem. and it show the GPS not found.


  4. When I press the pokedex to see it, I get the tips instead, pokedex is not possible to see anymore! Help. Already removed and reinstalled the game, restarted ipad, two different accounts both have this problem.


  5. I have a problem that I guess is new and the Pokémon Go site doesn’t cover info on the problem…
    All my Pokémon are 100+ CP off from what they should be and don’t know why. Some are lower and some higher but all by 100+ points.
    Any idea why?


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