Pokemon GO – The Future Of Its Multiplayer Explained

What is a Pokemon game without a competitive multiplayer? Without a multiplayer experience, Pokemon GO simply does not follow in the footsteps of what the franchise is meant to be. However, we do have good news for you, it will excite you, get you hyped up, and give you a reason to continue playing the game. While the game in its current form does lack the real-time multiplayer experience, Niantic is exploring new ways to introduce a competitive experience to Pokemon GO.

The current version of the game is very far from complete and in fact, they are learning how to best implement a multiplayer feature based on how you (the players) shape the game. Such was the case for Ingress, Niantic’s previous augmented reality game. When they saw how massive numbers of players showed up at game-related stops and how the gamers were willing to get out and live the adventure that the game provided; Niantic started hosting real-time competitions for Ingress players.

Archit Bhargava, who runs Product Marketing at Niantic, previously said that, ”…We wanted to encourage social fun, which is why we started doing a lot of events.” Due to the amount of players getting immersed in the experience, Niantic developed the experience into a series of competitive real-time multiplayer events. According to Archit Bhargava, Niantic is currently testing Pokemon GO in order to envisage the form that the multiplayer experience will take.

We have an idea of how a Pokemon GO multiplayer experience would look like. It will involve Team Mystic (Blue Team), Team Valor (Red Team), and Team Instinct (Yellow Team). Niantic developers have voiced their interest in Game of Thrones and how the world of Westeros includes different houses that one can join. They implemented the teams for now, but in the future different teams will be able to battle each other in real-time and every victory a player accomplishes is reflected on his team’s overall record.

They want the Pokemon GO experience to be mobile, they want to see whether you are ready to get up and go out in the world to live the Pokemon experience. Based on their statistics, they will build a proper real-time multiplayer system and most likely hold eSports events where top Pokemon Trainers from around the world will come to represent their team and battle it out in real-time. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon GO. You can check the latest Pokemon GO trailer below.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – The Future Of Its Multiplayer Explained

  1. I really want to play. I made an account on a iPhone and I tried mutliple times in different ways to put it on my phone plz help cuz I really want it on my phone. I have a galaxy s3 and 3G. I have a 4.3 not a 4.4… should it matter cuz its not really fair I cant even join my friends…


    • It should work on iPhone and Samsung. For iPhone you need to wait for it to be released in your country but you can download it for Android. Did you try to download it? If yes, what went wrong?


  2. Haha I spent 4 hours getting it because I’m in Canada and its sooooo glitchy. Does anyone else have lots of glitches or is it just me. And gurrrr I’m mad u need internet now I gotta use data!


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