Pokemon GO – How To Change Your Username

You won’t believe how many people have contacted us asking how to change their usernames. Thousands are unhappy with how their username has turned out to be and are pursuing to change their nickname. Perhaps, it is understandable if you chose your nickname to be ”SoullessChicken” or ”AshKetchum91424216.” We know that the game gives you a hard time in finding a username at first and you get too frustrated that you just go with a random name just to start.

After you have started and became a man of your own in Pokemon GO, you regret choosing your initial username and want to change it. The question remains, is it possible to change your username? The answer is yes and no. It is not possible to change it from within the game itself, however, Niantic has provided a way to change it. Click here to be redirected to Niantic’s page and fill the information as accurately as possible so you can get your username changed.

85 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – How To Change Your Username

  1. How can I change my daughters name on the account I made one for her but my other daughter put her name and I would like to put it under the others name


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