Pokemon GO – How Criminals Are Abusing The Game

Pokemon GO seems to have made headlines worldwide since its release. Yet until today, it remains a topic of controversy after the most unlikely incidents took place. One interesting story that grabbed our attention was about a teenage girl from Wyoming who was playing Pokemon GO was led to a dead body floating in a river.

That definitely was a shocking experience for her and one never knows where the game may send him or her. The poor girl was only searching for a water Pokemon and that dead man was certainly no Blastoise. Worse things could have happened, such as the murderer spotting the girl who may have been a threat to him for witnessing a crime.

What is more disturbing is that four armed robbers from Missouri took advantage of Pokemon GO by targeting an isolated Pokestop and expecting Pokemon players to come by. At the Pokestop, the criminals managed to rob 9 Pokemon players. Thankfully, the armed robbers were apprehended by the Police. According to a statement, the armed robbers added a beacon to the Pokestop in order to lure the victims to their location.

These are truly dangerous times and as we warned before, know the places that you are going to before you visit them and try not to go alone if possible. Many players have been hospitalized as a result of Pokemon GO‘s uncertain adventure. We hope that you always consider your safety above anything else because criminals such as murderers, robbers, and pedophiles are aware of Pokemon GO‘s hype and will try to take advantage of it to get to their victims. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on this game.

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