Pokemon GO – A Guide On Tracking Pokemon

”How does a Pokemon GO player track a nearby Pokemon?” is probably one of the most asked question by gamers. We have explored this issue for the last few hours and came up with a guide on how to best track Pokemon in your surrounding. First of all, look at the bottom right of your screen where you can see the Pokemon near you. Tap on that bar and a 3×3 grid will appear where you can see 9 Pokemon nearby.

Now let’s understand how this grid works. The ones closest to you are on the top left and as you go bottom right, they become farther and farther. Under each Pokemon icon within the grid, you see footprints. One footprint means that the Pokemon is very close; two footprints means that you are heading towards the correct path; and three footprints means that they are within your vicinity. If you see no footprints, then the Pokemon is really close to you.

Sometimes if you want to catch a Pokemon but you notice that the number of footprints are increasing, then try to turn around 180 degrees and start walking to see if the number of footprints decrease. This would mean that you are heading the right way to find that Pokemon. So after you look at the grid, tap on the Pokemon that you want to track and you will see it in the bottom right of your screen and as you move the number of footprints will increase or decrease; thus telling you whether you’re going closer to or farther from its location.

Another thing that you can do is to keep the 3×3 grid open and notice the changes that are happening on-screen as you move. The list will automatically update itself and Pokemon closer to you will be pushed to the top left corner of the grid while as you move farther, the Pokemon farther to you will be pushed to the bottom right corner. Note that you don’t have to get inside a building to find a Pokemon. The radar ring around your character actually acts as a beam that brings out the Pokemon in the area if they are within your reach. You have now learned the science of tracking! Head to the world and catch ’em all.

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