Pokemon GO – Update 1.0.1 Resolves Security & Stability Concerns

There were a lot of concerns that followed Pokemon GO‘s release. One major issue was the privacy-invasive access that the game tried to implement on your device. By signing up, you were giving the game access to your Google account, even the power for Niantic to send emails via your email address! Another main issue that had to be addressed was game stability.

Luckily, Niantic was pretty quick about resolving these issues and addressed them in the new update (1.0.1) which is now available on the App Store. Niantic will no longer intrude on your Google account privacy, has fixed stability issues & crashes, and you will no longer have to enter your username and password repeatedly after you are forced to log out. That’s a great start by Niantic and we hope to see more updates follow. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon GO.

5 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – Update 1.0.1 Resolves Security & Stability Concerns

  1. Been stuck with the ” unable to authenticate ” message for my trainer account all day … the update didn’t do anything to help it think it made it even more annoying to login via a trainer account. Once again Google works just fine. that’s backwards if the game is made in part by Nintendo the servers should have been fixed prior to releasing the app.to handler housings of Pokemon fans login in… Especially since using a trainer account has benefits that using a google account doesn’t offer… It’s no mystery that Pokemon is popular !!!


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