Homefront: The Revolution – Now Available For NVIDIA Shield Users

Homefront: The Revolution is a pure console game that was published by Deep Silver for PC, Xbox One, & PS4. The open world tactical shooter can now be played by NVIDIA Shield owners via NVIDIA’s cloud-based streaming service, GeForce NOW. This service offers membership for free for a period of three months and then requires a monthly fee of $7.99. Luckily for members, now they can play Homefront: The Revolution on their Shield tablet.

The game’s protagonist, Ethan Brady, is a resistance leader that is trying to liberate the city of Philadelphia from the Korean People’s Army. In the Homefront franchise you will have to fight for the occupied United States from the invading unified Korea. The scenario is very interesting & original, and Homefront: The Revolution magnifies the experience by expanding the districts in Philadelphia world map and granting more freedom for the player to play as he wishes.

You will be fighting for a city that is divided into 3 zones: The Green Zone is the most wealthy & protected; The Red Zone is mostly a suburban wasteland that has been abandoned and where the resistance is forming; The Yellow Zone is where the majority of the population are located in and is very heavily patrolled by the Korean People’s Army.

As a resistance leader, your role will include building a strong resistance and conducting missions from safe houses. You can always recruit new freedom fighters and implementing geurrilla warfare to weaken the occupation. The game makes it hard for you to find weapons because you can’t simply use the enemy’s weapons since its fingerprint protected. What you can do is roam in the city to look for weapons and items that can be weaponized such as Molotov cocktails.

If you are a NVIDIA Shield user, then you can get the game via GeForce NOW service at a sale price of $44.99 instead of the regular price of $59.99. Purchasing the game will also give you a key to get the game for free on your PC. It definitely sounds like a great deal, especially for mobile gamers who have long sought to experience a console game of this magnitude. You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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