Micro Machines: The Legendary Toy Cars – Out Now

The much anticipated Micro Machines [Free] title has finally been released ahead of schedule. A lot has changed in the game during its soft launched period as we witnessed the developers remove the energy timer from the game due to several complaints. If you are not familiar with Micro Machines then we will introduce the franchise to you.

Micro Machines are a line of toys that rose to fame during the mid-1980’s until the 1990’s. Let us remind you of a time where you have seen them. Do you remember the Home Alone 1990 movie where 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) places Micro Machines at the bottom of the stairs to trip the burglars? That’s one time where these famous toy cars were featured. Now, Chillingo & Codemasters are reviving Micro Machines as a new multiplayer combat racer for our mobile devices.

The freemium game features a collection of all the original 63 vehicles consisting of police cars, sports cars, tanks, fire trucks, and more. You will be able to race across 10 fun tracks such as pool tables, breakfast tables, desktops, and different types of interesting environments. The whole experience is very similar to the classic 1990’s Micro Machines, but this time decorated with the most vivid visuals that modern technology can offer.

The best thing about the game is its multiplayer which is absolutely legendary where you battle your friends in real-time. Currently, the multiplayer included consists of local Wi-Fi and bluetooth. We hope that an online option will be added in the official version. In addition, you can play 3 race modes with vehicles that can be enhanced with over 100 upgrades like flames throwers, axes, shields, and plenty of amazing weaponry. The game includes clubs, which you can either create or join to challenge other clubs around the world.

Finally, you should know that the game contains In-app purchases, considering it’s a free game. The game is now available worldwide and we highly recommend that you check this amazing experience from one of the most classic franchises in history. You can watch the official announcement trailer for this game below.

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