Pokemon GO – A Message To Concerned Parents

After the grandiose impact that Pokemon GO had on the world, parents around the world are probably concerned on how the game will affect their children and how should they act. Like all games, Pokemon GO has its pros and cons but there are certain actions that a parent should avoid enforcing on their children. If your child wants to play Pokemon GO, we highly advise against banning him from doing so. If you are concerned, then accompany your child on the Pokemon GO adventure and share great moments with him or her.

The reason that you shouldn’t ban your children from playing it is that they can play the game behind your back, and may end up in a dangerous place where you are not there to protect them. On the other hand, if you find time to go out with your children to catch Pokemon then you will spend time with your children and ensure their safety and happiness.

Games are normally played inside the house and many gamers lack social interaction and gradually become depressed due to that. With Pokemon GO, your child has the opportunity to go out in the world and explore it. This has shown to be very effective, especially for depressed teenagers. It gives them an incentive to become socially active and walk which can be physically beneficial.

Be aware that the game does have in-app purchases and real money can be spent on it. However, any player can progress very well in the game without the need of spending money on it. In addition, the game can be addicting but this can be resolved by creating a schedule for you (the parent) and your child where you can spend time together playing Pokemon GO. Such organization will leave empty slots for you and your child to focus on other activities throughout your day.

Always remind your child to be careful with roads. Players tend to look at their screen for a long time as they walk and this can grab their attention from a dangerous car coming their way. A daily reminder is never harmful for the child. Furthermore, it is best to avoid playing the game late at night because not the friendliest of people hang out at night. For their safety, you either advise them against playing at night or accompany them if they insist. To avoid playing late at night altogether would be a wise decision.

Previously, there have been incidents where criminals took advantage of Pokemon GO to get to their victims. Always remember that your child is walking with an expensive phone when playing Pokemon GO and thieves are aware of this. Be sure to advise them against going into unknown areas and it would be a good idea for them to have a phone strap on their phone in case someone attempts to grab it from them.

Finally, it is best to talk to them about being respectful towards private property and to avoid invading people’s private space merely to catch a Pokemon or visit a Pokestop. This is against the law and it can lead to legal problems with extreme repercussions. Remember that others too can invade your private property, so teach them to ”Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

We truly believe that Pokemon GO is more positive than negative and there is no reason to prevent your child from playing the game. However, it is important to discuss these issues with them and work on collaborating with your child by spending time with him/her or at least ensure that your child is not going alone but with friends. You can watch the latest trailer for Pokemon GO below.

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