Pokemon GO – The Age Of Pokemon Has Begun

We haven’t really seen a mobile game impact the world dramatically since Clash of Clans was initially released in 2012. Yet in such a short time, we are witnessing Pokemon GO take over the world in an unprecedented speed. In fact, the game has just become the biggest mobile game in the history of the United States with 21 million daily users and growing. We can anticipate that it will become the leading mobile game in the world but since the game is not available worldwide, it is hard to provide solid statistics.

Just today, one of our writers was asked by his 78 year old grandfather, ”What is that Pokemon GO everyone is talking about?” And when old grandfathers start asking this question, then know that Pokemon GO is no ordinary game. Official reports show that Pokemon GO players are more active on the game than on Twitter & Facebook, while Snapchat and Google Maps are on their way to be dethroned by Pokemon GO very soon.

You will hear of the game in media outlets, newspapers, advertisements, social media, and gaming websites. This snowball will keep on growing because Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises in the world and now that it has been re-introduced as an augmented reality mobile game that can accompany you into the real world; it will only grow in popularity. This is only the beginning, you will notice more and more players spending a great amount of time on it once multiplayer and trading features are introduced in future updates. The Age of Pokemon has begun; are you ready to catch ’em all?

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