Pokemon GO – How A Hateful Church Is Utilizing Pokemon

A week barely passed since Pokemon GO changed the world we once knew and crazy stories have already flooded the media with all sorts of incidents. One notorious church, the Westboro Baptist Church, which is infamous for its fanatical ideas has been trolled by Pokemon GO fans recently. The whole story began when a player nicknamed Pinknose acquired the Pokemon Gym that was located at the Westboro Baptist Church by placing a Clefairy nicknamed Loveislove. For those that don’t know, the slogan ”Loveislove” is used by the LGBT community.

This player tweeted that ”an unstoppable Clefairy nicknamed Loveislove has apparently seized control of the Westboro Baptist Church Pokemon GO Gym.” The homophobic church itself considers Pokemon to be sinful and didn’t take this message lightly. When the church was made aware of the tweet, their response was very extreme and harsh. They posted a message on Twitter claiming that Pokemon GO is a sign of the end times & that Jesus Christ is returning soon.

The church further attacked Clefairy by posting an image showing Jigglypuff singing to the ”sodomite” Clefairy. The poor Clefairy was being accused of being a sodomite for some reason, yet it’s funny that they know too much about Pokemon to post a Jigglypuff singing in response to Clefairy. We suspect that the church has several closet Pokemon fans for them to be that creative in their response.

Let’s just say that we are in interesting times and Pokemon has invaded our world and is impacting the way we view our political & religious beliefs. This gives you an idea of how popular & influential the franchise has become. Check out the vine compilation of all the posts released by the Westboro Baptist Church below.

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