Pokemon GO – How To Create Or Remove A PokeStop Or Gym

Did you know that now you are able to create a Pokestop or Gym and even remove a Pokestop or Gym! That’s a big deal, right? Instead of going to the city centre where the nearest Pokestop is located for you, you can create the nearest landmark as a Pokestop but it would bring people to your location, so you might want to think twice before doing that. Niantic is allowing this possibility for convenience, respect, and safety.

They are trying to provide as much locations as possible for the players to visit. In addition, there have been locations marked as Pokestops or Gyms but in truth they were Holocaust memorials and other sensitive places which shouldn’t have been marked as such. Furthermore, there were many reports of people getting harmed by criminals at isolated locations which were taken advantage of and these places should be removed.

First of all, some players have to walk a long distance in order to reach their nearest Pokestop while others are much closer. As for the possibility to remove a Pokestop or Gym, this is very important because some of the locations marked as Pokestop or Gym have turned out to be dangerous. Therefore, Niantic has provided a support form where you can fill in the addresses that you want to create or remove a Pokestop or Gym.

Click here to be redirected to the support form. Remember that you are part of a larger community and if you see a dangerous location or had a bad experience at a place, then please report it so you can save others from harm’s way. If there are no Pokestops or Gyms near you, then try to send to Niantic a closer address to you but we highly advise that you never send them your home address. Stay tuned with our website for more Pokemon GO news.

One thought on “Pokemon GO – How To Create Or Remove A PokeStop Or Gym

  1. no poke stop near my house area in14 km meter around.. i am so bored in my favorite poke game. so help mi .create my village boriyach poke top & jim..please.


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