Pokemon GO – How To Choose The Next Eevee Evolution

We just finished evolving our Eevee into what we wanted him to become. The game allows you to evolve him to three choices: Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. You too are probably interested in selecting the next evolution for your Eevee, right? We thought so. Like other Pokemon GO hardships, Niantic offers a solution for this issue. You can actually define the next evolution.

This can be done by changing the name of your Eevee into a specific nickname. By naming your Eevee into Sparky, his next evolution becomes the thunder-type Pokemon, Jolteon; by naming him into Rainer, his next evolution becomes the water-type Pokemon, Vaporeon; and by naming him into Pyro, his next evolution becomes the fire-type Pokemon, Flareon.

This is definitely an impressive trick that different Reddit users confirmed to work perfectly fine. Basically you choose the nickname for your Eevee based on what evolution you want him to become and then you tap on Evolve so that he evolves to the specific type of your choice. Brilliant, no? As more Pokemon generations are added to the game, we can expect more Eevee evolutions to be introduced. Stay tuned with our website for the latest Pokemon GO news.

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