City Spirits Go – A New Chinese Pokemon GO Clone!

Since the people of China got tired of waiting for Pokemon GO, they created their own version! The new clone title is called City Spirits Go [Free] which is available in the Chinese App Store. In fact, it was released when Pokemon GO was in beta, so they rushed to release it before the original game got the chance to launch. In truth, you don’t see much difference between the two. Similarly, City Spirits Go allows you to roam your environment in search of different spirits that live in various environments.

When you capture these spirits, you can use them to battle others in 3vs3 RPG-styled battles. Understandably, the mapping system isn’t based on Niantic’s raw Ingress mapping mechanic because Google Maps happens to be blocked in China. Therefore, the developer managed to recreate a new mapping system. While City Spirits Go does not feature augmented reality, it is very much location-based.

We don’t know much about the developer Xiaoyu Sun but we know that there are no other games published by this developer. City Spirits Go is currently placed at the top of the App Store charts which is quite impressive. You can click here to check it out on the Chinese Store.

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