Pokemon GO – Five Strange Stories From The United States

If you are on the verge of sleeping, then you have come here at the right time because we compiled five strange stories for you. Keep in mind that these strange stories are all true and they can be an example or a lesson for those of you who play Pokemon GO on a daily basis. We will bring more stories like these in future articles if we notice that you liked this article. We bring to you five strange stories from the United States. Shall we begin?

Story 1 (Burglars Burnout) – Location: Florida

On a late, dark night in Florida at around 1:30 A.M., two teenagers (a 19 year old & a 16 year old) took out to the streets in order to catch ’em all. Eventually they sat in their white car and out of nowhere, shots were heard. They looked behind them only to see a 37 year old man with a gun in his hand. He walked in front of the car, raised the gun at them and ordered them not to move. Panicking, they drove towards him as he jumped away from harm’s way. The man reported the incident to the police and informed them that he believes they were burglars because he heard one of them ask the other, ”Did you get anything?” While the police searched for the vehicle, it was not found.

Surprisingly, the 19 year old teenager’s mother called the police the next day reporting the incident as well. Her complaint was that a violent man came with a gun at her son and his friend for no apparent reason. She learned of what happened after she saw holes in the car’s flat tire and then her son admitted to what happened after he was questioned. After the police talked to the two teens, they reported that they were trying to catch a Marowak and a Tauros. We assure you that there are a lot of these Pokemon wherever you go, so never risk your life nor go looking for them late at night because people won’t assume that you are playing Pokemon GO.

Story 2 (Checkmate Cheater) – Location: New York

Evan Scribner was a normal New Yorker who had a passion for Pokemon back in the days. At the peak of Pokemon GO, he downloaded the game and began his career in becoming the best Pokemon Trainer. He was going here, he was going there, he was going everywhere to look for the rarest of creatures. Then one day, his girlfriend went on his phone and searched his Journal in the Pokemon GO app. She noticed something familiar to her, he has caught a Zubat!

Well, the question is not what he caught, it’s where. The location of that Zubat was at Bushwick, Brooklyn where Evan had a thing for an ex-flame there. His girlfriend went on to interrogate him as to what was he doing there but his replies were far from convincing. She immediately broke up with him and left. It was clear that he had cheated on her and he believes that Pokemon GO has somehow made him more attractive. Take it easy there Romeo, catching a Zubat doesn’t take much effort unless you have caught a 999 CP Zubat, of course!

Story 3 (Backstabbed During Battle) – Location: Oregon

Michael Baker is a 21 year old Pokemon GO addict and that’s definitely not the strangest thing about him. One morning, he set out towards the endless horizon to discover what Pokemon are awaiting him. He headed to Forest Grove Oregon to catch Pokemon and saw another person in the vicinity who he thought was a Pokemon GO player like him. So Michael being the passionate Pokemon player he is, asked the guy if he wanted to battle. That guy certainly gave him a battle to remember.

Out of nowhere, the mystery man stabbed Michael in the shoulder and left. After a while, Michael noticed that he was stabbed but did not care at all; he continued searching for more Pokemon to catch. Reports later confirm that Michael did get medical treatment and eight stitches in his shoulder. Although, the mysterious man was never found. Do not go asking strangers to battle because you might not like what items they got in their bag!

Story 4 (A Strange Suspect) – Location: California

On a good day in downtown Fullerton, two ex-marines (Javier Soch & Seth Ortega) wanted to experience the adventure of Pokemon GO. It was 9 A.M. when suddenly, they noticed a strange man holding a rose in his hand who was acting weird in the playground that they were at. They saw him approach a woman who had three kids and seemed to annoy her. The two marines immediately suspected the man, not only for his actions but for how he dressed. He was wearing a mismatched outfit, oversized jacket, and a baseball cap. The suspect was Jacob Kells, a 39 year old suspect wanted for attempted murder.

The two ex-marines walked towards him and he asked them whether they had cigarettes. Seth told him that there is a police station nearby and they might be able to help him. Jacob Kells walked away and spotted another mother who had two children. He talked to the mother and wiped his hand with one of the boy’s shoulder and kept walking. The two ex-marines didn’t let him get out of sight and kept monitoring him and after they saw him touching one of the boy’s legs, the two ran towards him. Javier stayed with the mother and her kids and Seth escorted him away. Eventually, the police came, detained the suspect, and later reported that they had a warrant to arrest Jacob Kells for attempted murder, possession of a stolen vehicle, and assaulting a police officer. Just remember when you go on Pokemon GO adventure, expect the unexpected.

Story 5 (Gotta Hit ’em All) – Location: Texas

Pokemon GO is most definitely an addictive drug, in a way. Whether you are walking or driving, it grabs your attention. Mark felt like that when he was driving on a busy road in Austin and all what he wanted to do is take a sneak peek at the device screen to see if there are any Pokemon in the area. He didn’t find what he wanted so he kept driving and looking at his device hoping that something might pop up. Long story short, his car’s front left light popped up!

When he took that last glance at the screen, a car in front of him hit the breaks all of a sudden, leading poor Mark into an unfortunate accident. Every moment matters, whether you are walking or driving. When Mark was asked what Pokemon was he precisely looking for, his response was, ‘‘A legendary, I guess.” There is no need to guess anymore Mark, because now you are a living legend who’s story will be told by Pokemon Trainers for years to come.

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