Pokemon GO – The Search For Mewtwo & Mew Begins

The search for legendary Pokemon has already begun and you will read comments on different websites claiming that they have seen a Mewtwo or a Zapdos. While we wish this was true, it is not. First of all, we want to offer a challenge for those who do claim that they caught a legendary Pokemon. If you send us a legitimate screenshot to contact@dnreviews.net, we will announce your name and give you a $15 gift card as a prize for your effort. If this challenge is not met, then there is no reason to believe that the comments regarding the legendary Pokemon are true unless there is strong evidence to believe otherwise.

So you might be asking, then where are Mewtwo, Mew, & the legendary birds? Well, let us start with facts and then move onto speculation. It is a fact that these Pokemon are included in the game because their names are found in Pokemon GO‘s internal files. However, we truly believe that these legends will not be found very easily and that Niantic might be holding back on them for bigger events.

We actually had some of our writers head on a road trip to see if they can find anything; we asked friends and family to search in outside countries during their travels; and we attempted to learn from Niantic employees about the secret behind the high-profile Pokemon. We found absolutely no trace of them, which further supports our theory. Names like Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are not meaningless. In fact, the company can build a fortune by utilizing them at first and after more Pokemon generations are introduced, perhaps the older legendary creatures will become easier to spot.

You see, Niantic can make a lot of money by making a deal with a retail store or an area to include a Mewtwo in a big event and this will lure countless players to the area in hopes of catching one. We see a demonstration of such an action in the initial trailer where Mewtwo is found in Times Square so it is not a far-fetched idea. Mew is also expected to be rallied in big events to take advantage of its high status and lure players to specific locations. As for the legendary birds, we have an alternative theory which you can read about by clicking here. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon GO.

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