Minecraft: Story Mode – Access Denied (Episode 7) Coming July 26th

Telltale Games most certainly is one of the hardest working mobile gaming companies in the industry. Today, they have revealed that Episode 7 of Minecraft: Story Mode will be available on July 26th for the price of $4.99. The upcoming independent episode is called Access Denied and will focus on Jesse & friends being in a world that is controlled by PAMA, a thinking machine. PAMA controls everyone there as if they were robotic zombies and you will have to save them, if possible, but save yourself first.

If you recall the previous episode was also an independent episode and it was called A Portal to Mystery which basically revolved around a murder. These extra episodes are being released because the game has received a vast amount of positive feedback. As for the upcoming episode, it will feature a new and popular comedian and actress named Yvette Nicole Brown from the TV series Community. Yvette will take the role of Harper, the creator of PAMA who’s now in hiding. You can watch the trailer for Episode 7 below.

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