Pokemon GO – Five Tricks That Can Fix Your Bugs & Freezes

Other than servers crashing, you probably have experienced bugs and freezes in your game. We understand your frustration and we believe there are five things that you can do to have the best experience possible while playing Pokemon GO. Remember that there are some bugs that need to be fixed by Niantic in future updates so be patient for these type of problems.

Below, you can check out the five tricks that you can implement to fix some of the game’s issues:

  1. Delete unwanted apps from your mobile device
  2. Kill any background application before entering the game
  3. Restart your device before playing Pokemon GO
  4. Sign into the game via Google Account rather than Pokemon Trainer Club
  5. Do not spam the game with tapping because that will render it dysfunctional

These instructions will definitely help improve your Pokemon GO experience. The game will gradually become more stable as we get more updates and witness more releases throughout the world. Niantic was taken by surprise with the amount of Pokemon GO fans that downloaded their game, even from countries that didn’t get it. Currently, they are trying to deal with a myriad of issues and soon we should notice great improvements.

One thought on “Pokemon GO – Five Tricks That Can Fix Your Bugs & Freezes

  1. Actually deleting other apps helped improve the game for me. I use Android btw. Not sure if it works same for ios. Please write more on fixing glitches.


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