Pokemon GO – Facts and Contradictions

By no means is this article an attack on Pokemon GO. We love the game as you can tell from the amount of articles we post about it. However, we wanted to point out some contradictions about the game and what it stands for. We like to connect different ideas together and delve deeper into the nature of things in order to understand more about an issue. Today we will look into facts and contradictions that are embedded within the game.

Remember all the arguments for Pokemon GO? One strong case that stood up was the fact that it can be healthy. You go out and walking translates into exercise which can definitely be physically healthy. However, Niantic cannot use this as an argument any longer after they partnered with McDonald’s and are in the process of turning their restaurants into PokeStops and Gyms. It comes without saying that McDonald’s has the most unhealthiest food in existence.

Another interesting fact is that Niantic actually tells you when you log into the game to ”be aware of your surroundings.” However, the game itself does not give you the full freedom to do that when you need to look at your screen every second to track a Pokemon. Tracking a Pokemon requires you to spot whether the footprints increase or decrease as you walk. It becomes an obsession that you cannot easily kill off. The advice, while important and beneficial, does not live up to the addictive nature of the game.

Finally, let’s leave you with one last fact and contradiction to consider. The irony lies in the name of the game, Pokemon GO. You are the one that’s supposed to ”go” but the only thing that goes is your battery! It’s quite a battery drainer and Niantic should have worked more on countermeasures to sustain the battery. Consider this, if a passionate Pokemon fan ends up on Mt. Everest in search of a Jynx, his battery will be dead by the time he needs to call the authorities to save him. Stay tuned for more articles on Pokemon GO!

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