Pokemon GO – Five Pokemon Based On Mythological Creatures

Did you ever consider that most of the Pokemon characters are based on mythological creatures? Maybe while playing Pokemon GO you will start to appreciate some Pokemon more than others due to this very fact. In this article we will cover five Pokemon characters from the 1st generation that are based on real-world mythological creatures. Who knew Pokemon can turn into a class on Mythology? But here we are and here we go!

Drowzee is a psychic Pokemon that resembles a tapir. It uses its hypnosis ability to render the enemy asleep. When a victim is asleep, Drowzee eats their dreams through their nose. If you think that’s creepy then fasten your seat belts because it’s about to become a whole lot creepier! This Pokemon is based on the Japanese Baku Spirit which is infamous for devouring dreams and nightmares. These creatures are considered to be leftovers after God finished creating all the creatures on Earth. Careful now! When playing Pokemon GO, Drowzee might just be under your bed waiting for you to fall asleep.


Ninetails is a fox-like Pokemon with golden-white fur and is the next evolution of Vulpix. It is best known for its nine, long tails which gives it the ability to live for 1000 years due to the energy within them. With its gleaming red eyes, it is said that it has been able to control minds before. This Pokemon has extremely high intelligence which allows it to understand human speech. Ninetails is based on the Kitsune, a Japanese fox that is known to be a manipulative trickster throughout untold history. According to lore, they grow an extra tail every century and once they reach nine tails, they gain infinite wisdom, reach a god-like status, and get golden white fur. Obtaining a Pokemon like Ninetails gives you a high status and greater wisdom, so be sure to get one.

Jynx is an ice/psychic Pokemon that resembles a female humanoid. Recognizing her is easy since she is best known for her purple face, pink lips, circular eyes, and long blond hair. Jynx is based on the Ganguro, a Japanese fashion trend where women use a great amount of makeup and bleach their hair blond. An offshoot of this trend is called Yamanba, known to be witch-like monsters that took this fashion to an extreme. The Yamanba live alone in icy mountains and lure lost travellers into their dwelling to eat them. Since Jynx is both ice and psychic, she lures her victims through her psychic powers to her icy habitation to devour them. Don’t have a Jynx yet? You probably don’t need to find one because she will find you!

Moltres is one of the three legendary birds of Kanto and is the mascot of Team Valor. This blazing bird can create a wonderful flash of flame with a small flap from its wings. Moltres dives into the magma of a volcano to replenish itself when it needs to. It is based on the Greek mythological creature, none other than the Phoenix. The Phoenix is known to rise from its own ashes after its death and lives another cycle of 1400 years. Many historians spoke of the Phoenix such as Herodotus and Pliny the Elder. The resemblance between the Phoenix and Moltres is unambiguous. Having an everlasting Pokemon like Moltres is a deal you cannot reject! Teams are probably becoming envious of Team Valor for this.

Zapdos is also one of the three legendary birds of Kanto and is the mascot of Team Instinct. The lightning bird has black rings around its eyes which gives it one of the scariest looks in the 1st generation of Pokemon. It is said that it appears only in thunderstorms and as it flaps its wings, waves of electricity are sparked causing lightning. This Pokemon is based on the Native American thunderbird called the Lakota or Kwakwaka’wakw. According to Pacific Northwestern Native American lore, this thunderbird is the spirit of thunder, lightning, and rain. Team Instinct will probably replace Thor with Zapdos since Zapdos is quite the ideal candidate for the position, don’t you think?

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