Game of Thrones – Pokemon GO Developer Might Bring Westeros To Life

Today’s article on Niantic takes an interesting twist. There are whispers that Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, is interested in making an augmented reality Game of Thrones mobile game! This is great news for the GOT fans and something alluring for the Pokemon GO fans. This would mean that the world of Westeros will be brought to our world and the possibilities would be unending.

This news comes after Niantic’s product marketing lead, Archit Bhargava, shared with Gamespot the fact that Niantic is interested in leading and expanding the real-world gaming genre. Archit himself shared the desire to see ”Westeros mapped out on Earth.” This definitely gives us hope to imagine how such a game will unfold.

We can easily see House Stark & House Lannister replacing Team Instinct & Team Valor. Teams would transform into houses which you have to pledge allegiance to. We definitely want to see Game of Thrones brought to life by Niantic and if you support the idea then let us make it happen together.

Below, we have a poll for you to vote whether you want to see such a game happen. If we can reach over 100,000 votes then we can share it with Niantic and show them that the community wants it. Together we can make it happen; please vote and share so we can reach the biggest number of people possible.

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