Chaos Legends – A New 3D Fantasy RPG By Snail Games

A new fantasy RPG by Snail Games was globally released two days ago and we were quite interested in it. Chaos Legends [Free] provides a unique experience due to its large scale battles and phenomenal real-time mechanics. Snail Games developed the game so that it can host a 500 vs 500 online battles that are rendered in real-time. Now that is an insane amount of players on one screen and hasn’t really been implemented on a mobile game before.

Chaos Legends tells the story of a land torn by civil war. As the rival sides of men fight one another, a dark force lingers in the dark waiting to take over. You can ride to the battle on awesome looking Mounts and you can even nurture them so that they can grow in power. This is a new type of RPG that delivers a revolutionary open world PvP experience. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

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