Cosmos Rings – The New Square Enix Game Announced

Almost a month ago, we announced that Square Enix has filed a Cosmos Rings trademark for an upcoming mobile game. This got us curious about its relation to the famous Chaos Rings franchise that was first released on iOS back in 2010. Well, it appears that Cosmos Rings is an RPG that will be released this summer for the Apple Watch. The developers behind it have some of the talented members that worked on Chaos Rings, such as Noriyasu Agematsu and Takehiro Ando.

We are disappointed that the game is for the Apple Watch and had a lot of expectations for it. However, it is a good day for the Apple Watch owners because they are getting the first RPG for this platform. The game will function by using the device’s pedometer function but we have yet to see how well it works out. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Cosmos Rings.

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