Pokemon GO – Trainers, Join Our Community!

Whether you belong to Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor; we all share something in common. The time has come for our Pokemon GO community to unite and interact with each other in a more organized form. Therefore, we have created a chat room for all of you to join where we can discuss Pokemon, work together on catching ’em all, finding solutions to problems, and keeping you updated on the latest news for Pokemon GO. Did we also mention that we will do giveaways there?

Since this is the first successful Pokemon mobile game, we want to make sure that we can stay in touch with you to be able to achieve great things together and work on ideas so that we can share them with Niantic to introduce in future updates. Here’s how you can find us. We created the chat room on an app called Bindle [Free]. Once you get access to this app, choose ”Join” and type ”PokemonGOCommunity” in order to find our chat room.

We want to build our mobile Pokemon GO community to be strong and heard. As fans of the franchise and of the mobile platform, we believe it’s about time to bring the community into a place where we can all share ideas in a live chat room and introduce the best of these ideas to Niantic so that they can render them into a reality. Join us brothers and let us work together on making Pokemon GO into an experience that none of us will forget.

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