Pokemon GO – Which Pokemon Are The Strongest In The Game?

If you were to guess the names of the ten strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO, who would they be? You would probably get half of them correct but let’s explore together the strongest Pokemon based on CP (Combat Power). Keep in mind that these stats are based on the game’s data so they are, according to our knowledge, accurate. While the legendaries are included in the list, we will focus on the ones that can be caught.

Pokemon CP Stats: Excerpted from The Telegraph (Source: Reddit)

It is not a surprise that Mewtwo makes the top of the list but we are surprised to see Dragonite. He can be acquired by catching a Dratini and evolving it twice to reach Dragonite. In our experience, the easiest to acquire from the list is Arcanine since you can easily catch a Growlithe and evolve it. Keep Snorlax, Lapras, and Exeggutor in mind too as they happen to be in the top 10 with the highest CP.

Yet, CP is not everything. There is HP (Health Power) to consider as well. Pokemon with high HP can prove hard to kill and that means a great deal in a battle. It’s not hard to guess that Chansey has the highest HP among the first generation of Pokemon and this is actually the case in Pokemon GO. Definitely keep her in your team. We notice that Snorlax has the second highest HP in the game and we also saw that this Pokemon had the sixth highest CP in the game too. Ladies & Gentlemen, Snorlax is a must have!

Pokemon HP Stats: Excerpted from The Telegraph (Source: Reddit)

Finally, based on CP & HP, we can see interesting creatures that are obtainable for you to utilize. While there is a list of best attackers and best defenders as well, we believe that adding more stats will only make your decision harder. The reason we avoided including them is because nobody understands their effect in a battle. As far as we are concerned, the most important of the stats are the CP & HP so it is best to focus your choices on them. Looking at the best combined stats (featured image from TheSilphRoad), we can easily say that Dragonite, Snorlax, Lapras, and Arcanine are the four strongest obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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