The Mobile Journal: Chapter #4 – An Interview With Mewtwo

”The Mobile Journal” is a series of interviews that we have with fictional characters that are found in mobile games. We will explore prominent characters throughout this series and will keep this series active as long as we know that it has an audience of its own. The interviews will be held by our interviewer, James Edinburg, who will explore these characters’ persona to the best of his ability. All chapters will be listed in our new page ”The Mobile Journal” which you can visit.

Mewtwo – Pokemon GO

Escaping a terrible place, James Edinburg took a boat that was found on the island’s beach and began paddling the water to increase the boat’s speed and escape as quickly as possible. The longer he paddled, it felt like many hours passed under the hot sun with nowhere to go. Slowly, he began to fade into unconsciousness. Thirsty and weak, his life seemed to be slipping from him by the second. Unexpectedly, a dark cloud covered the skies above him and rain started to drop. James became refreshed by the rain and opened his mouth as rain quenched his thirst. Yet slowly, the sea started to rage and the boat began to fight for its stability. James was unprepared for what was about to come.

The sea pushed the boat around as if it was a twig and James barely could hold onto the boat. Suddenly, the pressure of the water bursted the boat and he went flying into the deep, dark sea. After a while, he regained consciousness and found himself stranded on yet another beach. ”No, not the same island again!” He cried as he thought he was on the previous island where he had a terrible experience. However, he noticed something different, it was not the same island. This one was more mountainous and had a purple electric force surrounding it. He feared touching it, so he simply stood before it trying to figure out how to bypass it.

  • ”Why have you come to this island?” Came a bold voice from an unknown location.
  • James was not sure what to answer. ”I was on a boat and it drowned. I believe… I believe I ended up here unintentionally.”
  • Then was silence. James didn’t know what to make of it, so he asked, ”Who are you? Can you help me?”
  • Out of nowhere, an entity appeared before him and the purple electric force vanished. James got startled and fell to the ground. The sands of the beach filled his arms as he was struggling to drag himself backwards. ”I do not like humans coming to my island. Yet, I see in you genuine fear.” Said the entity.
  • The terrified James looked in awe at the entity who appeared to be as a bipedal humanoid that’s gray in color with a long purple tail. ”What.. what are you?”
  • ”Do not fear. Follow me,” Said the powerful entity as he levitated above the ground and James followed him to a dark cave. James hesitated to enter at first, the cave was pitch dark and would worry the bravest of people.
  • James looked around him and spotted a torch. He picked it up and before he could think of how to light it up, it lit by itself. He noticed that the entity’s eyes glowed so he may have caused the torch to be lit. ”Where are we going?” Cried James with a trembling voice.
  • ”To safety. Remaining exposed under the sun will bring attention by the worst people of your kind.” Replied the humanoid entity with harsh words.

Silently, James followed Mewtwo until they reached the end of the cave. The cave had inscriptions that appeared to date back thousands of years. It seemed at the moment that the cave was ancient and undiscovered. The powerful creature closed his eyes and a purple force began to surround him. It appeared like he was regenerating himself from the looks of it.

  • James remembered the rumors that he once heard about such an entity with the characteristics that this being had. So he asked, ”Are you not Mewtwo? Is it true… that you were you created by science to become the strongest of…?” James barely finished the sentence and saw Mewtwo’s face change into a furious one.
  • ”Do you humans take pleasure in knowing that you meddle with the lives of others?! Is it an achievement for your race to claim that I was created by your scientists?” Said Mewtwo as he levitated closer and closer to James.
  • Becoming fearful, James started shivering and quickly responded, ”I did not mean to offend you. I only know of you from what the legends say. Please, forgive me.” Mewtwo appeared to calm down and turned around to ponder on the cave’s inscriptions. Following that, James said, ”In my line of work, I tell the tales of others that humans do not know of or do not understand. Please, let me tell of you the pure truth.”
  • Standing still, Mewtwo replied, ”Yes, it is true. Your people created me in a laboratory to enslave me. They wanted to use me for their own evil ends but with their arrogance, they underestimated my powers. They believe that because they are humans they can intervene in the lives of my race, the Pokemon creatures. I will not allow this to be!”
  • Not knowing whether to feel shame or sadness to what the human race have done, James felt sorry for Mewtwo. ”I say it with a heavy heart but I do understand your hate for humans. They think they are entitled to rule the lives of others and destroy the nature of life by experimenting with their science and technology.”
  • ”There was a time when I felt abnormal to this world. I didn’t believe to be wanted by it. Yet, now I see that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”
  • ”Yes,” Responded James compassionately. ”Life is indeed precious and what we do with it defines our legacy.”

There was a strange sound that James heard. He looked behind him and saw nothing. When he turned around, he saw another Pokemon creature named Ghastly appear before him. Afraid, James shrieked but remained frozen in place.

  • ”Do not be afraid,” Said Mewtwo. Then more Pokemon started to appear all around the cave. ”These are my responsibility to protect. There are evil humans in the world that are tirelessly searching for us. They are the same conceited creators that used me. Betrayed me. He is looking for me everywhere.”
  • ”Who is he?” Asked James with a careful tone.
  • ”They call him Giovanni. It was his scientists who attempted to keep me in chains. I destroyed them and will never live again under a human’s enslavement.”
  • A strong noise started to come closer to the location of James and the others. James recognized what he heard and immediately said, ”These are helicopters!”
  • Mewtwo instantly looked at the ceiling of the cave with resentment all over his face. ”They found us,” Said Mewtwo to James and the other Pokemon. ”He then looked straight at James and told him, ”The past haunts even the most powerful of us.” Then Mewtwo ordered everyone to remain in the cave and suddenly vanished.
  • James looked at the Pokemon around him and told them, ”Stay, it is safer for you here.” Yet he started making his way out of the cave to see where Mewtwo has gone. Finally after reaching the mouth of the cave, he looked at the sky and saw Mewtwo standing before countless helicopters. The person in charge of this military force used speakers to say, ”We meet again Mewtwo. I have come for you, old friend.”
  • Mewtwo’s posture challenged the force that the grinning Giovanni brought along with him. ”I will no longer live as a slave. On your ashes I shall walk and you will feel the true power of freedom. Now, witness my wrath and that of those who were oppressed by your race!” Shouted Mewtwo as his eyes turned purple and a purple force started to emerge from his body. Giovanni then shouted through the speakers to his men, ”Do it now!” as they all unleashed a new weapon towards Mewtwo.

There was a massive clash of force and weaponry that forced James to run deeper into the cave. After the explosion occurred, James fell to the ground as the entrance of the cave collapsed, thus entrapping him and the other Pokemon. James could not tell what was happening outside but it certainly sounded like a ferocious war was going on.

Note: Mewtwo is a character from Pokemon GO, a title that is fully owned by Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, & Niantic. The content of this interview is fully fictional and has been developed by us for entertainment purposes.

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