Pokemon GO – Thousands Of People Fall For Mewtwo Prank

”It’s just a prank bro!” Well, it is not just a prank when you trick thousands of people to a location that supposedly houses a Mewtwo. So what happened exactly? There was a rumor that started on Twitter where it was claimed that Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan, was the place where to find Mewtwo. From sky-view the area looks like a pokeball and that probably aided in supporting the claim.

Thousands were lured to a place just for the fun of it and while no Mewtwo was found; Blastoise & Gyrados started to appear there. So it wasn’t so bad after all, huh? We will be honest with you, we would probably head to a location if we heard that a Mewtwo was in it. Mewtwo is one of the greatest Pokemon of all time and he is simply the wisest.

Mewtwo is a powerful psychic and is said to be the strongest Pokemon to ever exist. He was very rare to find in the games but was worth the search. In the movies, he expressed a complex as to the fact of him being created in a lab rather than born. Eventually, he finds resolution in the idea that you are defined by how you live rather than by how you came to existence. We like to think of Mewtwo as the philosopher of the Pokemon world.

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