Pokemon GO Plus – Delayed Until September

Pokemon GO was never meant to be released alone. It was supposed to be accompanied by an accessory called Pokemon GO Plus, a $34.99 device that notifies you when a Pokemon is nearby. It is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and notifies you when a Pokemon appears near your area through flashing and vibrating. You can even catch the nearby Pokemon but only if you have caught it before. All it takes to catch it is to press on a button to throw a Pokeball.

Although, that’s not the only time you get notified; it also notifies you when you are near a PokeStop which is very helpful as well. Pressing on the button allows you to collect items from the PokeStop. The Pokemon GO Plus is actually very helpful because it allows you to avoid keeping your phone’s GPS on, thus saving you battery. This accessory was meant to come out in late July but has been delayed until September.

Our network is actually offering three Pokemon GO Plus accessories to three lucky winners; you can participate in this Giveaway by clicking here. Remember that this is July exclusive and the offer will end once this month ends. Due to the devices being delayed, the winners will have to wait to receive them in September.

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