World of Tanks Blitz – Update 3.0 Brings A New Supremacy Mode

World of Tanks Blitz [Free] is at it again with a whole new update that will blow up your mind! Update 3.0 brings a lot of features such as a new Supremacy mode, increased vehicle profitability, and a reworked Falls Creek map. Let’s start with the new mode. The Supremacy mode allows you to prove yourself by earning 1,000 victory points before the enemy team by destroying all of their vehicles or capturing bases. It’s all about conquering and defending at the same time.

The new mode sounds difficult, but hey, it’s not called ”Supremacy” for no reason. In addition, there is a great improvement in regards to increased profitability of Tier V-X vehicles, along with the Maus, IS-4, FCM 50 t, and others. Finally, Falls Creek map has been redesigned based on players feedback. The flag has been relocated and primary battle areas are now easier to reach. Check out the full update logs by clicking here. You can watch the trailer for the new update below.

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