Pokemon GO – A Professional’s Guide

When we wrote our beginner’s guide about Pokemon GO, over 300,000 of you amazing readers enjoyed it and many of you emailed us to write a guide for professionals. We have picked up on so many things in Pokemon GO that can keep you ahead in the competitive sphere for this game. Don’t forget that these are tested tips that actually work if implemented correctly. Here we go!

Building A Powerful Pokemon

There is no question that Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat are some of the most common Pokemon that will pop up. While some of you might think this is a bad thing, it is actually a great advantage that you should exploit. How so? If you catch every single one of these annoying Pokemon, you can build a massive army of them, thus increasing the amount of rare candies to a huge number. Don’t rush into evolving them, keep leveling them up as much as possible before evolving them so that when you do evolve them, you will have on your hand an extremely powerful Pokemon with an unbelievably high Combat Power. Furthermore, be sure to catch and train the Pokemon with the highest combined stats which you can read more about by clicking here.

Building Your Character Level

Increasing the level of your character is also important. You can do that by catching every single Pokemon you find, visiting Pokestops and Gyms, and hatching eggs. When you reach level 20, you get access to Ultra Balls which can easily catch the rare type of Pokemon. In fact, you can gain double the XP if you evolve a Pokemon while your lucky egg is active. The higher your character level is, the more powerful Pokemon will appear to you.

Invest Your Time Into Certain Pokemon Only

While catching them all is vital, there are certain Pokemon that you should spend more time on than others. You need to calculate which Pokemon is worth investing your energy on based on CP & HP. For example, if you have tons of Pidgeys, then you need to focus most on Pidgeys that have higher potential because not all of them are equal, even if they are the same level. If you have Pidgeys of the same level, look at which has the higher CP and HP because the Pokemon with the highest stats and lowest level is the one that will become the strongest of its species. This will give you advantage when battling a Gym.

The Eevee Dilemma

Yes, all of the Eevee evolutions look awesome. However, when you compare Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon; only one stands out. According to stats research, Vaporeon turns out to be the strongest in terms of attack and defence. So make sure to name your Eevee into Rainer before evolving it. Perhaps Vaporeon doesn’t have the best of looks, but he happens to be the toughest of the brothers.

Search Smartly

Many of you randomly go out to search for Pokemon but that’s not the best of ideas. What you should do is use Pokevision.com which allows you to see what Pokemon are nearby. This way, you will know where to go and when to go; it saves you a lot of time and directs you towards the right Pokemon. Instead of going east for a Mankey, you might be going west for a Gyrados. Big difference, don’t you think?

The Many Ways To Hatch An Egg

You know, hatching a Pokemon egg is not the most entertaining part of the game. It can be time consuming and exhausting. However, there are many ways to hatch that egg. First, you can plug your phone with a charger, turn on Pokemon GO, and just leave it there. This causes your GPS to act wild and have your character walk around on screen. This can add up almost 500 meters of distance walked. You can also add your device to your dog or cat to walk around for you, which can be successful as well. Even attaching it to a drone can do the job for you, so think creatively.

Catching The Toughest Of Them All

It can be frustrating when you keep throwing a Pokeball and not catching that Pokemon, but this only means that you don’t know how the mechanics of the game work. First of all, you want to be creative about catching it by doing a curve ball which can be done by turning the ball around and throwing it accurately. This raises the chances of catching a Pokemon. Also, if you notice that when you are holding the Pokeball, the ring around the Pokemon begins to shrink. Once you see it at its smallest circumference, that’s the time you should throw it. The reason is it will give you an ”Excellent!” instead of a ”Nice!” which matters in terms of XP. There are also colors involved, when you see the color green, then that’s the easiest time to catch the Pokemon, yellow becomes harder, and red is the hardest.

Taking Over A Gym

To conquer a Gym might seem easy. However, many players have reported ”issues” that were really misconceptions. For example, many think that just by beating a Gym that you immediately take over and that’s not true. In order to take over a Gym, you need to decrease its Gym reputation until its down to zero so that it becomes neutral. Then you are able to take over and keep your Pokemon to guard it. This can be easier if you are with friends, then together you can beat the Gym and decrease its reputation very quickly.

Holding A Gym

It can be easy to take Gyms sometimes but the harder part is holding them. You need to place the strongest Pokemon you have and get players from your team to place their strongest as well. Not only do you have your team take over the Gym but you actually benefit from holding it. There is a daily package or Defender bonus that comes to you for each Gym you hold. This package gives you a great amount of goods that you can use, such as Pokeballs and other important items. Keep in mind that you must hold a Gym for 24 hours to get a package. You can find this package by going to the main menu and into Shop; it will be available at the top right.

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