Batman: The Telltale Series – Mobile Version Delayed Until September

One of the most exciting moments about this month was knowing that Batman: The Telltale Series will be released on mobile. While the game was released for consoles and PC today; it has been delayed for mobile. Truly disappointing but that’s what Telltale Games has announced. The good news is that we will be getting the game on September 13th; which is better than not getting it at all.

The developers probably are working on improving the game for mobile devices because there is no doubt that it is quite a huge one. We know you are curious to see the game and many YouTubers will be uploading gameplays about it but don’t fall into temptation; be patient mobile friends! The game is highly anticipated because it takes a unique approach at the persona of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman. Click here to learn more about the content of the game.

While some of you might be disappointed that mobile is getting this game at a later date, there is an advantage for the mobile platform. For example, PC & Mac users need to pay $24.99 to acquire the game while mobile gamers will be charged $4.99 only. Isn’t it still wonderful to be a mobile gamer? You know it is! Don’t forget to watch the world premiere trailer for this game below.

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