Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location – More Information Revealed

At last, more information emerged about Sister Location, a Five Nights At Freddy’s spin-off title. Due to the game being a PC game also, its Steam page has become live and includes some information, new images, and the trailer we have seen before. It appears that the PC version will be released in October of this year; a mobile version can be expected at a later date.

The Steam page informs us that the game will take place in Circus Baby’s Pizza World. The location is described as a family-friendly place where fun and interactivity go beyond what you have experienced in other pizza places. Oh we know what that means, a new level of horror! The description also includes an employment notification requesting for a ”Late night technician who enjoys cramped spaces and is comfortable around active machinery.” The notification ends with a pleasant reminder that they will not be responsible for any death or dismemberment of the new employee. Just the perfect job you need, huh?

If you see the new images we included, the graphics look very enhanced in comparison to the past games of the franchise. Keep in mind that Sister Location might be released at an earlier date, Scott Cawthon is known for launching his titles at an earlier date than planned. The trailer definitely includes creepy moments and a lot of fear factor. Is this a prediction that the game will live up to the horror or is it an attempt to lure you into yet another Five Nights At Freddy’s clone? You can watch the first trailer for Sister Location below.

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