Suicide Squad: Special Ops – A First Person Experience

Not only did Suicide Squad make it to the wide screen but Warner Bros decided to release a mobile game as well. It comes as no surprise since we are seeing many movies accompanied by mobile games when they are released. This is actually a good marketing strategy; just look at The Martian as an example. However, now you want to know if this game is worth your time and effort and that’s what we are here to answer.

After playing the game, Suicide Squad: Special Ops [Free] stands as a well designed and quality built mobile game. You get to enjoy a first person experience where you lead a special task force composed of Super Villains. That makes the game interesting. Defeating the massive number of enemies will be hard but you can always use Deadshot’s rifle, Diablo’s fire, or even Harley Quinn’s baseball bat. She’s always been quite a savage, hasn’t she?

There is no doubt that it is entertaining and can be somewhat addicting. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer but if it had one, it would have been amazing. In addition, the game allows you to explore the city to locate health packs and ammunition to help you survive the waves of enemies. Luckily, there is a leaderboard where you can compete against other players, which motivates you to play. Also, you can record your gameplay and share the game on social media, so that is an advantage for the YouTubers among you.

Finally, if we were to complain about it, we would want more than 3 characters, the ability to save progress, and at least a multiplayer mode. On the other hand, it is a really good title due to its high quality graphics, being free of charge, and no in-app purchases to squeeze money from you. If we were to leave you with final words, they would be: ”Watch the movie!” Don’t forget to check out the official trailer for Suicide Squad: Special Ops below.

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