Hearthstone: One Night In Karazhan Adventure – Out Now

Here comes Karazhan and the party is just about to get started! One Night In Karazhan is a new Hearthstone adventure that consists of four wings and a free Prologue. The price for this new adventure stands at $19.99 or you can buy each wing for $6.99 or 700 gold. You can buy it by going to the Shop and clicking on the Adventure section.

First of all, you are presented with a Prologue mission that unlocks two new cards for you. The four wings of Karazhan tower face you off against 12 bosses and nine class challenges. By completing the adventure, you unlock 45 new Hearthstone cards to your collection. In addition, a new game board is now available for you to experience. When you do successfully overcome the wings, you have the option to enter Heroic mode, a more difficult mode to survive in.

Several interesting card backs have been added such as Medivh’s Invitation, which is acquired by achieving rank 20 in Ranked play during August; Karazhan Nights, which is acquired by purchasing all wings of the adventure within first week of launch; and The Blue Portal, which is acquired by completing the four wings in Heroic mode. On top of all that, there have been plenty of bugs fixed. You can watch the cinematic trailer for this adventure below.

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