Legends of 100 Heroes – Out Now

When checking for new games, it is hard to come by interesting titles that deliver a unique element within a genre. Yet, Legends of 100 Heroes [Free] seemed to have something different about it. When you start the game, you are welcomed by an amazing cinematic intro video that gets your attention. It almost felt like we were watching a classic anime.

On the other hand, the gameplay can be best described as a sidescrolling turn-based RPG with gorgeous graphics running in the background. There are even massive bosses that hardly fit the screen! What Legends of 100 Heroes brings about is a new world with a character-developing story. Furthermore, it supports PvP where you can battle others online. You can even create or join other players in Legion which complements the co-operative experience.

We think the game would have been a better experience if voice actors were included. Yet, we cannot deny what a great job the developers did with the game’s artwork and special effects. You can watch the trailer for Legends of 100 Heroes below.

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