Deus Ex GO – Now Available Worldwide

First came Hitman GO, then followed by Lara Croft GO and now Square Enix decided to release Deus Ex GO [$4.99]. Similar to the GO titles, it comes as a turn-based puzzle infiltration experience based on the Deus Ex universe. You play as covert agent Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He works as the Chief of Security for Sarif Industries, a biotechnology company.

You will be presented with puzzles which you can solve by hacking, combat, and augmentations. The game plot revolves around a terrorist conspiracy which you will unravel throughout the storyline. There are more than 50 challenging story levels and a new puzzle introduced every weekday. Deus Ex GO includes a variety of enemies to counter, such as drones, guards, turrets, walkers, and much more. You can check the reveal trailer for this game below.

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