Leap of Fate – Out Now

Now here’s a game we were looking forward to try and it was released today. That’s right, we are talking about Leap of Fate [$3.99], the fantasy cyberpunk action game by Clever Plays. It was first brought to our attention in 2014 but little did we know about it back then. After being released for PC on March 30th of this year, we were very curious how it will function on a mobile device.

We are happy to tell you that the game played extremely well and is presented via a dark isometric perspective. The game comes at a much cheaper price than the PC version so you definitely get more than what you pay for. With Leap of Fate, you get to experience a psychological battle as a technomage against the Crucible of Fates where your sanity will be tested by the worst nightmares you can imagine.

There are different skills that technomages can use to survive, such as Shadow Walk. It also features over a hundred magical skills randomly generated through a unique skill trees system. You will uncover thrilling stories of four characters through gorgeous illustrated cinematics as well as learn about the cyberpunk fantasy world that is full of secret societies and dark mysteries.

Aeon is the shadow mage that is psychologically scarred due to oppression in a secret society; Big Mo is a cyborg technomancer that struggles with his dual nature; Mukai is a spirit channeler that is struggling to keep control of her mind; Rasimov is a rogue occultist that is centuries old and has been trying to cheat death for hundreds of years. Leap of Fate would be an ideal game for psychologists to analyse and explore.

Finally, this game is built with roguelike elements in mind. For example, combat is taken to a whole new level due to the reaction speed and accuracy you will need to survive. There are more than a hundred unique type of enemies that will come for you and if you die, then you will restart right from the beginning. You can check the launch trailer for Leap of Fate below.

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