A New Life – What Would You Do If You Could Relive Life?

Many of us feel like we could perform better in life if we had only one more chance. Perhaps choose a medical career instead of a truck driver or even marry that girl we shouldn’t have let go rather than stay single. Developer Bigosaur offers you the opportunity for a second chance with their upcoming life simulator, A New Life.

You will be able to have a life experience starting from the cradle to the grave. You start as a nobody and become whoever you want to be with the choices you make. Do you want to live as a bully in school or become the hated nerd? The choices you make are countless and this is what makes the app so unique.

Yet what excites us most about life is that you cannot predict the future. A New Life is built on an unpredictable system that may or may not let you have your way in life. You wanted a son? Maybe a daughter will be born. The unpredictability feature will allow players to enjoy the game over and over again. It can be purchased for $0.99 when it’s released on August 30th. You can watch the trailer for A New Life below.

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