Space Marshals 2 – Out Now

You asked for it and now it’s out. Ladies and Gentlemen, Space Marshals 2 [$5.99] is now available worldwide for iOS. The sequel to the best stealth action game brings yet another wild west adventure in space where you attempt to stop the criminals of the galaxy. The combination of stealth and combat is what really makes this game stand out. You are able to take down enemies with stealth, silenced weapons, and even by hacking turrets to have them attack their masters! A cool feature that you might want to try out is to lure different enemy factions to fight each other.

Your load-out is vital to your survival, so be sure to always have your armor, grenades, two-handed and single-handed weapons. Yes, that means shotguns, handguns, sniper rifles, crossbows, and almost anything you can think of. In fact, there are over 70 different weapons that are available for you to utilize. 

Furthermore, be ready to witness gorgeous HD graphics rendered with Metal. The visual aspect of Space Marshals 2 has been significantly enhanced in comparison to its predecessor. 20 missions are currently available and more will be added In future updates. You can check out the release trailer for this game below.

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