Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Update 0.16 Will Add Bosses, Commands, & More

The Mojang Team has been working tirelessly on an anticipated update, version 0.16. Just yesterday, Mojang teased the fans with the features that are coming in the next update and you will be surprised by what it may include. The anticipated update is also known as The Boss Update and it will feature new bosses to fight, ocean monuments to explore, blocks, beacons, and commands option. This update will be coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the PC version as well.

As for the bosses, there will be wicked giant monsters that you will start taking seriously! For example, there is the underwater Elder Guardian and the triple-headed Wither from the Story Mode game; both monsters will spread fear within your world. It should be quite an exciting experience.

In regards to the commands, you will start with 20 that can allow you to tweak several features like day time and other settings. Finally, we will hear more information about this update from Mojang at MINECON. Remember that if you are an Android user, then you can get to Beta test the update by clicking here.

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