Justice Monsters Five: A Final Fantasy XV Pinball Spin-Off (Out Now)

Spin-Off games are a trend these days and they may not appeal to everybody. Yet today’s game is one that deserves the spotlight. Justice Monsters Five [Free], a Square Enix Pinball game, has now been released worldwide. This title is unique because it combines the Pinball experience with RPG elements from Final Fantasy XV. Players that are waiting for Final Fantasy XV to be released probably know why this mobile game is special.

Justice Monsters Five will actually be a Pinball minigame in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, which will be released on November 29th, 2016. There is more to the game, of course, since it depicts the planet Nova and the evil Lord Vexxos. You can defeat your enemies in the game by launching your creatures at them and those defeated will become part of your team. It’s quite a fun game that definitely deserves to be checked out. The trailer for this game can be viewed below.

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