59 thoughts on “Clash of Clans – Thousands Of Banned Gamers Start A Petition

  1. hlo supercell … i know that i use 3rd party app.. and it is my fault . but u shoud know that we work hard in last 1 year to play coc..
    u gave me punishment that ur game was banned for 14 days . i accepted beacause on that days my exam and concentrate on my study but when i again play coc after 14 days they again said that” ur game was banned for 14 days…” this is not fair supercel if we cheat with u and u gave us punishment .. but now u cheat with us …. plz give back my account now there is my vacation and my all friends were playing coc .. i also wwnt to play .. if u gave back my account ..i promised that i never download any 3rd party app … if u understand my problem plzz contact on simratmalhi48@gmail.com….


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