Clash Royale – Emotes Can Be Muted In The Upcoming Update

Emotes have been the center of controversy for a very long time. Many players strongly believe in their removal due to them getting provoked by an opponent during a match. We agree that when a player spams his opponent with laughing and crying emotes it can build anger and frustration. However, wouldn’t you want to spam your opponent when you are winning? Regardless of what you think, Supercell has made up its mind.

In the upcoming update, players will be able to mute their opponent during a battle in order to avoid receiving emotes. If you do mute your opponent, you will be able to see him trying to communicate but you will not see the emote itself. What we love most about Clash Royale is the ability to communicate with your opponent and while many of you may disagree regarding emotes, we think Supercell made the right decision to bring the mute option to those that don’t want to receive emotes.

A few months ago we had a poll asking for your opinion on the matter and 64% of you voted that Supercell should add an option that can mute emotes. The voters consisted of thousands of Clash Royale players so the majority’s voice was clear and that’s why we are happy to see Supercell listen to your request. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Clash Royale.

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