Pokémon GO Plus – First Launching On September 16th

Nintendo has finally announced the date on which we will first get our hands on the Pokémon GO Plus. It’s about time! We can expect to see the device on September 16th in most countries and spread onto others in the following weeks. The $34.99 device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and notifies you when a Pokemon appears near your area through flashing and vibrating. You can even catch the nearby Pokemon but only if you have caught it before. All it takes to catch it is to press on a button to throw a Pokeball.

The device will be compatible with iOS 8 and above. Yes, it is compatible with Android devices too but as long as they have 2GB of RAM and running on Android 4.4 to 6.0. Niantic decided to include Pokémon GO support into the Apple Watch which will perform some actions on a lesser level in comparison to the Pokémon GO Plus.

The difference is that with the Apple Watch, you can only check your level or see the distance you need to walk in order for your egg to hatch. The Pokémon GO Plus allows you to do far important functionalities like interacting with Pokestops and catching Pokémon. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokémon GO.

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