Titanfall: Frontline – Nexon & Respawn Announce The First Game

After a long time of speculation and rumor, Nexon & Respawn decided to uncover the secret behind the first Titanfall game, Titanfall: Frontline. Surprise, surprise, it turned out to be an online collectible card game. The multiplayer experience will be in real-time where you can employ Titans in the arena to crush your opponents. You can customize and upgrade your cards while using hundreds of different pilots. It’s not the genre we wanted but it is Titanfall and we cannot really complain since we did not play it yet.

The game was announced just before Titanfall 2’s release which will be on October 28th. We greatly hope that this isn’t just a marketing scheme for the console game and that it’s actually a title with great content. We know that there will be a guild system so this should make the social experience interesting. Unfortunately, there is no release date yet but it might come out before the release of Titanfall 2. You can pre-register for Titanfall: Frontline by clicking here.

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