Clash of Clans – Clan Challenges To Be Introduced Soon

There is no doubt that Supercell has been dealing with one of the largest wave of complaints in the last few weeks. After they have permanently banned countless accounts, players voiced their disapproval through social media. Yet, Supercell remained silent for a while until now. Surprisingly, we now learn that Clan Challenges will be coming to the game in an upcoming update where clans can issue a friendly war request to an opposing clan.

This is huge for competitive players because now you can choose the duration of the preparation/battle days, select the participants, and request a Clan Challenge when ready. Once accepted, both teams will start preparing for the war. It is important to note that you will not be able to send a Clan Challenge during a Clan War. What distinguishes Clan Challenges from Clan Wars is the ability to choose your war participants and flexibility to set the duration for preparation.

This definitely sounds like a great feature but it is likely to anger the banned players since they won’t be able play any longer. There is no precise date for this feature, however, we expect a Clash of Clans update in the 3rd week of September, so it might be a part of the upcoming update or perhaps the one after. You can watch a video by Galadon Gaming on this new feature below.

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