The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Release Date Is Just Around The Corner

Since we last analyzed The Elder Scrolls: Legends, we have been patiently waiting for a release date. While there is no precise release date, Bethesda did share a hint. Pete Hines, VP of Bethesda, said in an interview that they could release the PC version tomorrow if they wanted to but they are waiting to complete the mobile version so that they can release both around the same time. He further added that the release date for PC, iOS, and Android is just around the corner.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a serious competitor to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and it will be interesting to see how both fair against each other. The game brings a unique approach to the CCG genre with its two-lane system. What spices the gameplay is the interesting Deckbuilding process. You can either go with a 50 card deck or 70 card deck. You will notice that cards will contain features such as strength, intelligence, agility, endurance, and willpower that can decide how you approach your battles.

The game comes with five amazing game modes: Story Mode, Solo Arena, Versus Arena, Versus Battle, and Practice Mode. The single-player campaign is story-driven and plays true to the lore of the franchise. It takes place in the world of Tamriel where you will learn all about the game from its informative tutorial. There are gorgeous cinematics that you will enjoy watching too. Right from the start, the story will be captivating. A fallen Imperial City, an Emperor on the run, and cultists & conspiracy at every corner of Tamriel. You can check a gameplay overview for this game below.

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